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Here are some choice TrueType fonts, Photoshop Actions for comic-book creation & effects, and two stylish web-site templates. Most items on this page are BitPass or PayPal enabled for easy micro-payment, and are packed in normal zip files for download & use.

 Photoshop Action, for comic-book styling of digital photos.
 Turns a +2mb megapixel digital photo - with good contrast, lighting, & sharp lines - into something from which you can crop-out details to build the panels of a comic-book page.  [50 cents].  

Loads from Photoshop's Actions panel. Runs in about 60 seconds. Crop out suitable sections of the final image to assemble the panels for your comic-book page. You can accept the action's default style - or use your assembled panels as a nice clean "pencils layer" for speedy tracing/inking in your own style, using a Wacom pad. I also offer a Comic Book font that you can use for lettering - just scroll down this page.

  Yosemite Sky v1.0
 My 45-step Ansel Adams -style "dark skies" Photoshop Action.

[See examples & buy ...]

[$5, PayPal]

  VideoBlog v.1.1
 World's first working video weblog template, complete with CSS & Flash source file.   [35 cents].

[See it working ...]

  FlowerPixel v1.0
 A lovely-looking site template, hiding some hi-tec object-oriented javascript, CSS & DIVs. Quite simple to edit, since all the site's pages are contained on a single page - you just look for the clearly marked 'text bits' and edit them.   [10 cents].  

[See it working ...]

  Brit Comics font.
 A comic-book font, inspired by the lettering styles seen in old British comics.  Full version with extra characters, italics & bold versions! Only available here!   [50 cents].

BritComics font
[Bigger image ...]

  Burning Rubber font.
 A curiously melting font, with some interesting letter-shapes.
  [10 cents].

Burning Rubber font
[Bigger image ...]

  Banana Sundae font.
  A deliciously smoothed font, with tasty firmness.  Get it free!

Banana font
[Bigger image ...]

Note: the fonts on this page are TrueType (.ttf) fonts for PC users only - but Mac users can easily convert using their shareware font-conversion utilities. Fonts are intended for screen-resolution use only and are not intended for print. Copy fonts to your Windows/Fonts directory.

You may also be interested in my paper publications on British history, which can be purchased using PayPal, and will be delivered by Royal Mail:

The History of Burslem & the Fowlea Valley.

The History of Trentham Hall & Gardens.

A Comprehensive & Annotated Bibliography of British Photography Books, 1945-1990. (Covers solo books by art & documentary photographers)

The History of British Pornography, 1954-1993.

Towards an outline history of British photography (free).


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